May Favourites

This month I’ve been loving a range of different, old and new products, so for todays post, as its the end of May, I thought I would share what I’ve been loving this month with you!

Firstly, my hair has been causing me some major drama over the last few months, so I’ve been trailing and testing all sorts of products, this L’Oreal full restore hair mask has become my holy grail hair product. If your anything like me and have uncontrollable frizz and dead hair, I highly recommend you try this product!!! I’ve found over the last few weeks I’ve been using this, my hair is so much softer and healthier as well as easier to control. This is a product I will 100% be re purchasing from now on.image

Another L’Oreal product I’ve been loving is the True Match Foundation in 1.N Ivory. This is actually one of the first foundations I started using when I got into make up, and with wanting to true new things, I had forgotten how much I loved it. This is the perfect colour for my skin and is so easy to apply. I’ve been using this foundation for daily and evening use as it is so buildable as well as lasting all day!image

I purchased some new makeup brushes at the beginning on the month from Spectrum and I have to say they have become some of my favourites. I started out by getting 3 eye shadow brushes and 2 face brushes. My favourite has to be the face brush in CO3. This has been the perfect brush for applying bronzer and blending, they are so soft, pick up just the right amount of products as well as looking AMAZING! The pink handle and blue and purple brush makes such a nice addition to my collection adding some colour.image

For my nails, as the weather has been so nice and I’m in full summer mode, I’ve been obsessed with this ‘at vase value’ china glaze polish. The colour is one of my favourite and goes with a range of my spring and summer clothes. China glaze polishes are some of my favourites as they apply so nicely and don’t chip like some others do!China Glaze At Vase Value_thumb[7].jpg

For TV this month, I’m in love with ‘Full House’ on Netflix’s. If you haven’t heard of it I fully recommend you check it out. It’s a 8 season series from the 80’s which is an easy and funny watch which working or scrolling through social media (which I admit I’ve been doing a lot of.) I’ve also been loving the beginning of Love Island on ITV2. If you’re from the UK and haven’t seen this show, give it a look. As it’s only just started this isn’t a favourite from the whole of May, but I loved it last year and I’m already loving it again!full houselove island


So that’s all the thing I’ve been loving this month, what have you guys been loving?

Until next time,

Amy x


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