Top 5 Drugstore products

I have to say, even though I love high end make up, the drugstore has some amazing bits that are just as good as some high end brand.

One of my all time favourite foundations is the Rimmel London Wake Me Up. This is such a good foundation for the value, for me Rimmel London face products are amazing for the money. This one if particular, has such an lovely effect on the skin with an amazing coverage and a brightening finish. Rimmel have a massive range of colours as well as a matching concealer. These work perfectly together. I have this foundation in a range of colours so that I can use it al year round, even when in tanning. As it contains SPF and vitamin C I love using this foundation on holiday or in the summer as the brightening effect goes perfectly with sun kissed skin.image

Collection is such an amazing drugstore brands with amazing price, I love a range of their products and use them in place of some high end. My all time favourite has to be the lasting perfection concealer. They don’t have the biggest range of colours but they are so diverse they can suit most people when blended. I own even colour, again so I can use this product all year round. I mainly use this as a highlighting concealer in the colour 1 fair as it is such a thick formula perfect for covering circles as well as brightening. the medium l colour I use for covering really red areas or problem areas as the pigmentation is perfect for covering these areas for a full coverage look. I know this product is very raved about on the internet and in the make up work, but I honestly think it is worth the hype completely as this is an amazing product! image

For Lipstick, I do normally lean toward the high end brands as I generally find these a better quality. However, the Kate Rimmel London Lipsticks are my exception! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these lipsticks, again another products that is highly raved about but 100% deservers the attention. My favourite colour is this one in 107 which is a beautiful red berry tone which is my Autumn must have even though I try and wear it all year round as it looks amazing on tanned skin! if you haven’t had a chance to try this range then I recommend the colour selection is great and they are all so pigmented.   image

I love face make up and it is 100% my favourite thing to buy, when it comes to drugstore I have 2 must haves for someone looking to begin make up as well as more experienced people as they are such amazing and easy to use products. Sleek are known for their amazing face range, and I have to say they do live up to expectation. Sleek blushes are the most pigmented and fabulous blushes I own. they have a range for all skin types which makes them great for everyone. The one I love the most is this one is Rose Gold. The colour is amazing with gold running through it, adds the perfect skimmer to your skin.  In addition to this, the Bourjois bronzers are one of my all time favourite. I love using these two products together as they complement each other so well. The colour I use is 51 which is a great match for me. This product gives the right amount of bronze to the skin without being overwhelming or orange. image image



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