My Skin Care Routine

Looking after your skin is so important, that’s why I like to try and stick to a good skin care routine that is right for your skin type. Let’s be honest, a lot of us forget and don’t always have time for a skin care routine, ill be honest I’m always forgetting but, when I do get into my routine it makes my skin feel amazing and make me feel so much better!

As I have normal/combination skin I do have a few little routines and products that I use depending on what my skin is doing.


For my daily routine in the morning I like to keep it quick and simple, I start off by using my all time favourite Soap and Glory daily face polish. I’ve used so many of these as it works amazingly for my skin. This is a light daily scrub which I use in the mornings to wake myself up and clean my face and exfoliate, especially on my T zone to prevent any oil in the day. I then wash this off with cold water and dry my face before apply moisturiser. I use the Simple 3 in 1 daily moisturiser. I love Simple as its gentle on the skin and isn’t perfumed. And that’s pretty much it for the mornings so I like to keep it simple as im normally pushed for time.image


In the evening, I start by removing my face and eye make up with my Garnier Micellar cleansing water and large cotton pads. This is easy at removing make up and doesn’t requiring pulling at your face to get off stubborn make up. Once I’ve removed my make up I then use either my Garnier deep pore wash or my Simple spotless skin triple action wash. Depending on if I’m struggling more with spots or pores. I find that both of these treatments are great at clearing up my skin or nay problems as well as keeping them away. The only issue I have with the simple spotless skin action wash is that, it brings spots out before getting rid of them , which is something I knew before I started using it. However, as it brings out the spots, it does do a lot better job of getting rid of them and keeping them away. One I’ve done that I’ll use my simple moisturising facial wash to keep my face clean this also softeners the skin. The I’ll use a clean and clear deep cleansing lotion to remove any dirt or make up left over on my face. Finally, I’ll use my Soap and Glory beauty sleep applicator. This is my favourite night moisturiser as it’s extremely and soft, perfect for de hydrated skin.imageimageimage


Every now and again I like to use a mask on my face to look after myself. My favourite types of face masks as pore masks as this is my biggest problem area on my skin in my T zone. I use either my no clogs allowed heated detox mask and my 1 in one mask and peel, Fab pore mask. These are both great at targeting problem areas and leave my skin feeling refreshed.image


Even though I already use my triple action face wash from Simple on most days, when I’m having a bad spot day, I like to use my benefit BOO BOO ZAP treatment. Even though this is more expensive than some others, I find this works so well at treating my spots and minimising them overnight. This is also a great product as its a clean water treatment which can be applied on top of or under make up as it doesn’t cause marks.


That’s what I do to look after my skin on a weekly basis. I like to change it around a lot depending on the season etc. Like this post if you would like to see an updated summer routine for when I’m on holiday, and comment what skincare products you think I should try.

I hope you liked this post

Until next time, Amy x



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