My SmashBox Wishlist

I’m always looking at new makeup and what new releases Smashbox have as I love this brand and they are 100% my go to as a more high end make up brand. I love reading other people wish list blogs so I thought, as Smashbox have had some new releases, I would share with you hat products I am dying to try!

Primer Oil £28

sb primer oil

Camera ready BB water £29

sb water

High definition liquid concealer £16

sb con

Photo op under eye brightener £18

sb eye

Step by Step  contour sticks £35

sb contour

L.A Lights- Blush and highlight palette

la lights

Be Legendary long wear lip lacquers £19

long wear


So these are the products I  want from Smashbox at  the moment. I’ve used Smashbox for around 3 years now and love the quality of their make up especially their face make up has such a high quality and coverage, perfect for situations including photo’s. I used all Smashbox products for my prom make up and they created an amazing look. The look lasted all night, which started my love for Smashbox.

Comment below what products you love from Smashbox and what your dying to try,

Until next time, Amy x


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