University Experience-planning your accommodation

Welcome back to another post in my university experience blogs!!

If you haven’t already, go and read my first university experience post where I covered my top tips and tricks for applying and picking a university and course!

If you didn’t already know, I shall be attending Plymouth university in September to study Event Management, and would like to share my experience with you all!


Today I’m going to touch on how I am planning my accommodation. I have already applied for the rooms that I would like and I’m currently waiting for a allocation.

Picking your accommodation


For me, I think accommodation is a massive part of moving to university as this is most likely to be your first time away from home, so you want to make sure you that were you stay is right for you!!

As I said in my last post, visiting is vital, and especially your accommodation! Most university websites offer a range of pictures and information on there accommodation, or as we call them in the UK ‘halls’ and this is a great start when looking, but from experience, you will never be able to get a proper idea of which halls you like most without having a look!!

As I will be attending Plymouth University, I have fully looked into their accommodation. They had around 8/10 different halls of residence for the students, which were all different styles, sizes, locations and of course prices. University accommodation is known to be small box rooms, however, if you go and visit you may be surprised with some of the accommodation. Many that I saw had very tactical storage around the room which opened up the room a lot!!

Room preperation

Once you’ve picked your university and accommodation, it’s time to start planning and shopping (my favourite part!) For me, I see moving to Plymouth as a fresh start, therefore I’m doing a whole new style for my halls  as to what I’ve had in the past and what I have at home at the moment!

As moving out can be very overwhelming, doing your research is very helpful! I found it great to talk to people who are already at university to ask on what they suggest on what to bring, things you will need and things that you can live without.

Your room may have clever storage but you still want to pack light, remember you can buy things when you are there so don’t go crazy and buy everything possible, but the basics!!!! Many places online have check lists, such as Pinterest, I looked at many check lists then conducted my own so that I can check off while I’m shopping and packing!


Also remenebr that what you are buy is for university and it may get broken or replaced so no need to spend a bucket load of money on your new kitchen appliances or bedding! Good places to shop are places such as ikea, dunelm mill and even places such as tesco and asda have lovely home range.

And that is everything I have to suggest for picking and planning a room at university!! I hope you liked this most recent university blog, and I’ll continue on posting all over summer!!

Until next time, Amy xo



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