What I got for my 19th Birthday!!!!

This week I’ve been celebrating my 19th birthday with all my friends and family. As some of you may know, I’m currently living in Plymouth for University so made the trip back to the south coast to celebrate with my family for a long weekend. Unfortunately, I’m not able to celebrate my actual birthday (December 8th) with my family as I have to be in Plymouth for university commitments, whoever, I am very lucky to be able to spend my birthday week home on the south coast.If you are anything like me you will love looking at what people got for birthday and Christmas so I thought I would write a post sharing with you what I got for my 19th birthday!!

A small disclaimers before I start, I am in no way bragging about what I received, I am so thankful and grateful for the presents I received from all my lovely family and friends, I am writing this post for the benefit of people who enjoy these types of posts, much like myself.

Starting off with my parents, my mum and dad paid for me to have my hair done as living on a student budget doesn’t stretch fair enough to getting my hair highlighted. they also treated me to some new winter clothes, firstly a never needed pair for new jeans, these are the Topshop high rise Jamie jeans in a dark denim. They also got me 4 jumpers, 2 from River Island, and 2 from new look. I am obsessed with wearing jumpers in this season and I love these ones they are all so soft and amazing quality. My parents also got me some smaller bits such as these Christmas socks from John Lewis, a pretty Christmas themed mug, some razors, hair bands, a get the look magazine and some amazing shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair.

From my amazing boyfriend, I got stupidly spoilt and i’m in love with all my presents! He got me the new old skool vans in the grey which I wanted for months now, a load of different make up bits which i’ve been saying I wanted to try or ages, a beautiful Pandora bracelet and a charm, the 10 piece original spectrum brush set and the brush cleaner which i’ve been wanting to try forever. He also got some smaller presents as well such as a bottle of rose wine, kinder chocolates and Finding dory DVD, some of my favourite things.

My amazing friends got me some of the best presents, they got me the urban decay ultimate basic eye shadow pallet which I am so in love with and can’t believe they got for me as well as a Smashbox gift set and a beautiful make up bag form spectrum!

From the rest of my family I got some amazing presents. My aunt got me a lovely grey long line coat from New Look and cousins got me the new benefit brow kits in light which I’m so happy about as i’ve been meaning to try the new eyebrow collection from benefit ever since its launched. My grandparents from my dads side of the family got me a university jumper for Plymouth in a light grey which I’ve always wanted since I got my place at Plymouth this time last year and a lovely bottle of champagne. My gran on my mums side of the family got me money to go towards mine and my boyfriend’s holiday next summer, and a lovely scarf which she kitted herself which is perfect for this time of year.

I was also very pleased and surprised as my boyfriends amazing family got me some lovely little presents which I didn’t expect at all! My boyfriends mum got me a beautiful scarf and Christmas socks which look so cosy and festive. My boyfriends sister and her partner got me some Prosecco and chocolates as well as an amazing Smashbox eye set which i’m so excited about as if you’ve read my blog before, Smashbox is an all time favourite of mine!!

And that’s what I got for my 19th birthday!! I’m so thankful for my amazing family and friends who made my early Birthday celebrations so special.

Until next time, Amy xxx





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