Top 7 films for a girls night

I’m a massive fan of a girls night in! I love staying in with my friends and watching films so I thought I would share with you guys my top 7 films to watch on a girl night in

How to loose a guy in 10 days:

This is for sure my favourite film of all time!! I love love love this film and if you guys have never seen this film before I highly suggest you do. I just love the story line of this film ( I don’t want give the film away to people that haven’t watched it) but this is such a different story line from a typical rom com film. This is such a good feel  good, and in my opinion realistic (well as realistic as a rom com can be) to the feeling of a girl.

Love, Rosie:

This is another amazing film which me and one of my flat mates LOVE! If we are ever down this is our turn to so such!! Again I love the story line in this film as I personally can’t think of another film with the same story line, It has so many emotions throughout the whole film, I laugh I cry I smile, its just the best way to get a full on girly film.

A Cinderella Story:

When I was younger I was OBSESSED with this fil I used to watch it all the time!! I still watch it now but this is more of a go to film for when I’m a little sad or need something to make me smile as this film is just so heart warming. One of the main reasons I love this film is because the first time I watched this, I fell IN LOVE with the outside scene when Austin and Sam are at the dance (people who have seen this films as many times as I have will understand.) This scene literally made me fall in love in with the idea of romance and all that cute stuff, so I love just going back to this film when I feel the need for a pick me up.

Pitch Perfect:

I love the Pitch Perfect films, both of them are amazing in their own ways. I’m sure most of you have seen both of these films or at least heard about them. I love this film and I love the humour in this film, Rebel Wilson makes these films she is hilarious. I also love these films, mainly the first one, for the love story between Beca and Jesse! I find this a relationship more realistic than a typical rom com film, and as this film is humorous and romantic, there is a great balance between the two.

She’s the man:

This film remind me of being back in year 7 and having sleep overs with my friends, we ALWAYS used to watch like every time. I think my primary school best friend and I knew all the words to this film. I still go back to this film every now and again when I’m feeling especially girly as it is just the perfect girls night film with again a different storyline which I love in a film!

Me before you:

This is a newer film which I haven’t watched nearly as much as the others but I still love this film. I read the book before the film came out and instantly knew I would love the film. The way they took the details in the book and put it into the film is amazing I love the vison the came up with from the book and it just makes me so happy to watch. This film is one I watch for sure when I am looking for a cry. No matter how many times I read the book or watch the film I cry every time without fail!

The Proposal

This was one of my favourite films of all time for so long I used to watch it religiously!! If you haven’t watched this film I suggest you do it right after reading this blog post! Two of my favourite actors are in this film and play their parts so well. The humour in this film is by far my favourite, I love the awkward family moment and the awkward couple moment, but I’m mostly a fan of watching the relationship grow. This is a must for anyone needing a happy film or looking for a pick me up.

These are my top 7, I’m always watching different rom coms as they are my favourite to watch!

If you guys have any other films that you think are perfect for a girls night comment them below!

If you want to see more posts like this either other top 10’s or other blogs for girl night inspiration.

Hope you all enjoyed,

Until next time, Amy xx




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