10 places to visit in the next 10 years

Personally, I’m a massive holiday and travel fan and have so many places I want to go within the next 10 years so I thought I would share them with you all! I’m constantly looking at new places to g o on holiday and I was a travel and tourism student at A level so do have a massive interest in all types of travel. Some are countries that instead me and I want to visit and others are cities and actual places I’ve always wanted to go and visit.

  • Maldives

I’ve wanted to travel to here for soooo long! I actually found my love for the Maldives when I was in school and studied them for a geography assessment and have wanted to visit these amazing islands every since.


  • Riviera Maya, Mexico

I was meant to be going to Mexico this year, but plans didn’t work out so now I am desperate to go and experience the culture. This is an new place that I’ve only wanted to visit within the last 2 years.


  • Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is like a dream holiday of mine, I’ve wanted to go for years, both me and my parents always talk about going but the time has never been right. My main reason for wanting to go to is the weather, actually I have so many reasons I want to go like the blue lagoon and the northern lights.


  • Hawaii

This is a dream honeymoon destination for me, ever since I was little I’ve been begging my mum to take us on holiday to Hawaii which never happened so my aim is to finally go before I’m 30 which seems crazy to say but that is pretty much 10 years as I am 20 this year! I think this is my favourite place I want to go as I love the look of the beaches and I also love the look for the landscapes and chances for hiking in waterfalls and all that amazing tropical stuff that you cant get in the UK.



  • California, USA

I’ve been to the USA before to visit my uncle but he lives on the east coast near Boston so we spent most our time in NYC. California is the polar opposite to New York so I would love to see another type of the USA. All I’ve heard from people is that California is amazing so I can’t not make a visit.


  • New South Wales, Australia

For me, Australia is the dream, I grew up watching neighbours & home and away and always said I was going to move to Australia when I was older , how realistic that is I’m not sure but I for sure want to visit and maybe spend a year or two visiting as there are so many places in Australia that I want to visit. In New South Wales the main place I want to visit is Sydney obviously for the beaches lifestyle and the sites, I would love to be a tourist in Sydney for a while.  nsw

  • San Francisco, USA

Another place in the USA that is really want to visit is San Fran, again another part of the USA which I personally see as different to NYC and California. To me, out of all the places in America, San Francisco seems to be original and different to any other city, I love the look of the city and what there is to see and do around.


  • Queensland, Australia

Another Australian destination, shock! Queensland is the dream living and holiday destination , the Great Barrier Reef, the Gold Coast and Brisbane are some of the many places I want to explore. Again it really is the weather lifestyle and culture that really interests me about Australia.


  • Rome, Italy

I’ve been to Italy before and loved it so much, by far one of the best places I’ve ever been to! Since I’ve seen the summer holiday side of Italy I would love to have a short city break in the amazing city of Rome. The culture of Italy I love and all the attractions in the city of Rome looks amazing so in my opinion  somewhere you have to visit.


  • Costa Rica

Finally it’s Costa Rica, this again is another places that the whole idea of the country interests me and has been somewhere I’ve only shown and interest in recently. The tropical look and feel of the country makes me want to visit and see what its all about.


So these are the top 10 places that I want to visit within the next 10 years. Let me know if you guys want to visit these places or any if you have been to any of these places!

Until next time, Amy xx



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