University Make Up Storage

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When coming to university, one of the biggest things I had to cut down was my make up collection! I’ll admit I do have a large amount of makeup and before I came to university I did sort out my collection many times and get rid of things I no longer need. I have left a lot of my make up at home so that I could have a small collection at university as its true, you have very limited space in a uni room!!

So to store my make up, I have used 2 sets of acrylic draws that I found on eBay. I have a tall 4 large draw set and a smaller draw set with 2 large draws and 2 small with a topper.


So on top of my taller draws I have 2 mason jars which I also got from eBay, I just keep larger brushes on the left and smaller brushes on the right. Some of my favourite brushes are real techniques and spectrum. I also have my urban setting spray and hand sanitizer gel.

In the first draw I keep my foundations, some of my favourite are benefit hello flawless and L’Oréal true match. I also keep a lip and eye pencil sharpener in this draw. I do also have a benefit powder which matches the foundation. I love almost all of these foundations but by far my favourite has to my benefit hello flawless epically for summer, its such a light formula but lovely coverage. I also love my L’Oréal for this time of year as the colour is great match and it’s extremely buildable .


In the next draw I keep a random mix of face products but mainly powders. So I have my tarte clay powder which I love!!!! I also have my setting powders, a eye primer and some beauty blenders. I’m not a massive powder person so I don’t own many as I prefect liquid foundation, however the two I have (tarte and benefit) I LOVE!!! when it comes to setting powder I am very particular as to what I like, this is why I stick to my favourite, MAC and Rimmlel London.


In the 3rd draw I like to keep bronzer and blushers. My favourite part of make up is this section so this draw was the hardest for me to select what I wanted to take to uni with me and what I wanted to leave at home. My favourite product in this draw is 100% my Naked blush pallet, this has a bronzer, blush and highlight and all of these are my current favourite for an everyday look. Some other products I love in this draw is my beloved Max factor blush. I have more shades at home but this is by far my favourite (lovely pink) if you haven’t tried already I highly recommend. I also am in love with my Estee Lauder bronzer which I have in the shade light 01.  I do also have some highlighters in this draw, again I am specific on what highlight I like so I didn’t bring many with me.


The final draw on this section is my lip draw, this is were I keep the lip products I don’t use all the time. Lips is the product I have the most of even thought it isn’t my favourite. I keep a lot of lip balms in this draw, I love the No7 BB lips so of course I brought them all with me. I also have some of my favourite natural collection lipsticks. These are so cheap and great for just a basic lip look on a busy university day full of lectures or studying.


So over to my second set of draw on top I have a topper which I keep most of my more frequently used make up in the front section. I keep my beauty blender sponge, benefit Boi-ing concealer, all time favourite sleek blush, Benefit Hola bronzer, Nivea post shave balm, benefit Whats up highlighter, No7 shine and tint lip balm and my all time go to foundation, the Rimmel London wake me up! These are my current go to items for my current fall make up look! behind them I have 2 long compartments which I keep my eyeliners and lip liners in. My favourite liner have to be the trusty Rimmel London kohl liner in jet black. I also keep many of my favourite they’re real push up liner from benefit. For lip liners I have many Maybelline and sleek with a few MAC such as my favourite ever MAC whirl liner. I also keep my favourite 12 lipsticks on this topper, as you can see the majority is MAC like ruby woo and velvet teddy but I also have my favourite Rimmel London 107 and Smash box posy pink. Behind my lipsticks I just keep my 2 drugstore contour pallets which are the seventeen define and conquer and collection highlight and sculpt pallet. I believe both of these are under £5 and I love them both so much, amazing for the prize, worth a try!!!


Moving onto the draws, in the 2 smaller draws at the top I keep concealer and single eye shadows. Some of my favourites have to be my collection lasting perfection concealer which I know is highly spoken about but trust me its worth the hype. I also love my Kiko pot shadow this is a lovely pink shimmer colour which I love so much.


In the next draw I keep my eyebrow products as well as some colour correcting sticks which I don’t use to often unless I want a flawless base. The sticks are both max factor and do the job well. I love my soap and glory DIY eyebrow bar as well as my Maybelline brow setting gels, these are 100% my go to daily products. In the final draw I have mascara. I love the majority of mascaras I brought with me but I have 3 which top the rest, Benefit roller lash, Maybelline great lash and a new favourite which is Maybelline go colossal. These are great and all buildable I like to mix and match depending on what look I’m going for.

Away from my acrylic draws I keep my eyeshadow pallets, this was by far the hardest section to pick what to bring to uni as I knew they would be hard to store. I brought all 3 of my naked pallets which are a go to as I love all the colours selections. My all time favourite too faced mini pallet and the beloved Smash box full exposure pallet which works so well with my blue eyes. I also have a few face pallets such as my contour kit and revolution blush and highlight pallet.


And that’s it, my full university make up collection, to some of you that might be way to much and others that might be a very small collection nut I live make up and these are the bits I love to use and swap between!!

I hope you all enjoyed today longer post, comment below any products you think I need to add to my collection or if there are any items I mentioned that you are also a fan of!

So until next time, Amy x


























2 thoughts on “University Make Up Storage

  1. This reminds me so much of my storage and collection at uni- I’m also short on space and its’ a nightmare but it has helped me work out which are my holy grail products and which ones I can live without as they don’t fit in my drawers!


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