5 ways to personalise your space

For anyone who is in the same situation as me, living on your own can be a bit daunting especially for the first time. Living somewhere that you rent is so hard to make homely as there are so many rules where you can’t have your own paint on the walls and can’t use nails to hang things up. As I live in halls, I live in a small box room which is hard to make your own. So I’ve come up with my top 5 ways of making your room your own.

  • Pictures

I have a crazy number of pictures all over my room, for several reasons. Pictures add so much colour to a dull room which can seriously be needed in a small room or a room which is just plain walls. I also use pictures all over my room to remind me of friends and family that I don’t get to see for a long time when I’m at university, the memories and faces of people from back home can make a room seem a lot more like home even when it isn’t. To print out my photos I have on my wall I use the app FreePrints. This app is amazing as it is free to download and make an account, you get up to 45 free prints a month which you only should pay around £3 postage for, which in my opinion is a barging!!

Photo Frame- IKEA

Printed photo’s- FreePrints


  • Lights

The main lights in bedrooms can be very bright and not cosy, so I use fairy lights in my room to have an alternative and a softer light. I use my fairly lights all the time in the evening when I working on my laptop as it’s just a much calmer way to work and make the room warmer so it’s easier to unwind at night. I also have a lamp above my bed which I love having as I find my main light can be too bright as I don’t like bright artificial lights in my room as it reminds me of office and isn’t very cosy in my opinion. Primark and IKEA have some of the cutest lights which are so affordable on any sort of budget and make such a difference to your room.

White LED lights- IKEA


  • Candles and Diffusors

Candles are a must for me when it comes to designing a bedroom, the smell and extra bit of dull light makes the home so much warmer and can make such a difference to my mood.  Where I live in halls we can’t use candles so instead I use a diffusor. Having a room with a sent that you enjoy can really make the difference, I find it can make your day a lot better ad can lift your mood massively, especially if you are spending a lot of time in your room. If you’re a university student like me living in halls, you will understand the pain of having to dry your clothes in your tiny university room, which can sometimes leave an odd smell, a candle or reed diffusor can make a massive difference.

3 Photo Frame- IKEA

Diffusor- Marks and Spencer

Copper ‘A’- Hobby Craft


  • Soft furnishings

When I was buying my furnishings for my university room I was so picky and wanted to make sure it was right so that I could make it feel as much like home as possible. I went for colours that made me happy, which is orange and blue for me, I also wanted to keep the colours light as well as bright as dark colours can make the room seem smaller. By including nice bedding, blankets and cushions adds colour as well as comfort for the room. I love using my blanket and cushions when I’m watching movies in bed.

Bedding set- Marks and Spencer’s

Cushions- Matalan

Throw- Matalan

Wooden ECO Letters- Amazon


  • Décor

Finally, but in my opinion the most important part is décor. By including poster, prints and other décor items in your room, you can add a personal touch without damaging the walls. Some of my favourite décor items in my room is my copper metal A which is from hobby craft and my Wooden ‘Amy’ sign which my mum got me for Christmas. I love the prints they have on ‘Not on the high street’ which are so cute and not to expensive but also alternative is all over amazon and eBay.

China Pot- Next

Small plants- IKEA

Retro tin sign- market in Italy


So, I hope this post has helped any of you with some ideas to make any room feel more like home.

Until next time, Amy x


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